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By buying from me you’re expected to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and condition below.


I. General Terms

The KUKKIIA’s Shop is an independent store ran by only the artist KUKKIIA (i.e. Daniel Pustiglione). Every single step of the procedure, starting from making the content to shipping is made solely by him. Delay may occur due to such a nature of the shop and patience is appreciated.


II. Process

The process consists of several steps, mainly being (1) shop opening, (2) purchase being made and as such the payment, (3) confection of products according to the demand, (4) packaging of orders and (5) shipping.

The processing time (steps 3 to 5) may take one to two weeks after the shop is closed.


III. Payment

Our payment system is Paypal, which guarantees a secure online payment, and is made in USD (unless stated otherwise i.e. when the BR shop is open). After choosing the several options available to you, follow the steps on the screen.


IV. Refund Policy

The available options for this policy are either reshipment of goods or refunds.

If your order hasn’t arrived in the time it was scheduled to but hasn’t been returned to me, you are eligible to a free reshipment plus the amount of the desired shipment option or a 40% refund.

If your order was returned to sender (me), you are eligible to a free reshipment plus the amount of the desired shipment option or a 50% refund. You cannot opt for the refund if the reason your order was returned was because you wrote the address incorrectly.

If your order arrived damaged, you are only eligible for a reshipment of only the goods damaged and will have to, just like the other options, pay for the desired shipment option.

In case of regret of purchase, you may receive full refund unless your order has started processing. If so, you may receive a 50% refund.


V. Shipping

There are two main shipment options, (1) Economic and (2) Priority. The shipping costs vary according to each option and can be seen in your checkout.

Economic is the slowest shipping method but also the cheapest. Your order may take up to three months to arrive depending on where you live. You have no tracking number so there’s no way to know where it is.

Priority is the fastest and highest priced shipping method. Your order may take up to a month to arrive depending on where you live. You have a tracking number that allows you to know where your goods are. However, certain countries like the U.S.A., won’t update the tracking number once it reaches their post service. I cannot do anything to amend that, but it’s still a good idea to have the tracking number because you should be able to ask them where it is.

Once your order is shipped I have no control over what happens to it. I cannot control mine or your country’s post service.

After your order is made, you will receive a copy of the order and the shipping address to your specified email. Please check your shipping address thoroughly and contact me in case of any mistakes.


VI. Usage Policy

I, the artist, hold every right of the produced drawing, therefore I’m allowed to use the copyrighted artwork however I please.

The goods are for personal use only. The client cannot alter, sell or profit from them; nor can they claim the right of the artwork or goods. The client may post the goods in social media as long as they tag me, the artist, and give me proper credit when doing so.

Removing any watermark/signatures, reproducing/using the copyrighted goods commercially and/or taking credit for the creation of the artwork/goods are considered Copyright Infringement.

In case of questions or complaints please contact me via the email

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