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My name is Daniel, I'm a 25 year old trans man, currently living in my home country, Brazil. I'm an artist and illustrator, having worked since 2016 making independent comic books. My works usually revolve around having minorities as the main characters without reducing them to only that, so that people who are from said groups can see themselves in a light, happy and frequently whimsical context. 



13th Floor


This is an original comic about six men falling in love with their new neighbor on the 13th floor. The storyboarding, character design and final art were all made by me in the span of a year. 

13th Floor was made with the intention of being an easy read, the kind that brings you comfort and doesn't require the reader to focus on every detail to be understandable.

To see the full work, click here.

Not So Charming


Not So Charming is a story about two men who, after years of not seeing each other, meet again on the first day of university. They aren't each other's biggest fan and as such, now need to learn how to deal with those feelings once it becomes impossible to avoid one another.

To read the webcomic, click here.

Bloom 1.png



An original short comic about the guilt felt by survivors after the abuse, following the author's experience. The story focuses on the contrast between guilt, pain, and the healing process.

Trigger warnings: sexual assault mention, emotional abuse, self-harm.

To see the full work, click here.


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